Neo Banner is an extremely versatile and durable
substrate for flexible branding and communication needs.

It provides instant visibility at a relatively economical cost. Its convenient installation does not need any expertise, thus making it the suitable media for use as posters, dropdowns & standees in events, launches, openings etc. Easily storable, it can be used at a later date.

  • It is available in 2 variants:
  • Banner Media
  • Blockout Banner Media


Best for highlighting product feature for short term, the Banner Media has a  textured finish and is made of two layerss - PVC and PP, for a sturdy no-curl application. With flexibility of placement it can be used as dropdowns and posters at various places.
Thickness: 290 micron


The textured finish Blackout Banner Media is made of three layers - PVC on top and bottom and PET in the middle, for greater opacity. The inclusion of PET makes it extra rigid.  Perfect for dropdowns, posters and standees that are placed near windows or light sources.
Thickness: 220 micron