Primarily used for branding and decorating retail & commercial spaces, Neo Decowall is a durable, washable, fabric-backed self-adhesive material.

With no limitation of repetitive patterns, as compared to conventional wallpaper, customizable designs can be printed on Neo Decowall. Murals, art and creative photography, can all be easily printed and come alive on Neo Decowall for application at hotels, malls, retail stores, cafes and designer home.


Custom designed:

Neo Decowall can be easily used for any kind of messaging and graphics (creative photography & art reproduction, panel murals etc.). Compared to conventional wallpaper, there’s no limitation of repetitive patterns as every panel can have a unique design.

Direct-to-wall application:

Unlike vinyl that needs to be pasted on sunboard, Neo Decowall can be directly stuck onto the plain plastered walls. This saves precious time and costs.

Better inventory:

It substantially reduces inventory of traditional wallpaper or wall coverings with fixed pattern.

Fire retardant:

The material used adheres to fire safety standards.