The ultra advanced woven fabric substrate that
brings to life the rich warmth of real life images.

Made with European technology, Neo Fablit is a PVC-free coated fabric that has been made keeping the environment in mind while simultaneously meeting the requirements of the digital printing market. The fabric is biodegradable with no toxin or heavy metals used in its coating.
Due to its excellent and even light distribution, it is ideal for premium indoor light boxes. With today’s arising need of slimmer and sleeker looking light boxes, Neo Fablit sits perfectly to deliver richness of colours and matched hues & tones in the most compact interior spaces and on the slimmest of light boxes.
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Soft fabric that can be either backlit or edge lit


Safe for human

Excellent light distribution & even illumination

Seamless in large size media of upto 10 ft

Woven material for strength and dimensional stability

Suitable for printing on all UV and HP Latex machines

Stretchable by 1-2% for easy installation

Different widths available for reduced wastage

Fire retardant