It is the answer to questions being raised about the durability of large format outdoor advertising; especially in the Indian market, where high humidity, harsh sunshine and sometimes unrelenting rain, all conspire to compromise the quality of promotional signage.

Manufactured in South Korea, Neo Flex is a polyester base fabric that has been UV coated to prevent yellowing in the sun. It is highly durable and water-proof. Its high tenacity yarn makes it tear resistant while the high density, both side laminated fabric lends to excellent reproduction of images and graphics.
Available in wide format for both front-lit and backlit application, Neo Flex is ideal for hoardings, banners and displays.

It is available in the following variants:
1. Front-lit
2. Backlit
3. Scrimless Backlit  
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Its applications include front-lit brand signage and hoardings & banners at public places with large footfall.

Available in Black Back and Matte finish in 9 oz., 10 oz. and 13 oz.


Ideal for store displays, ATM signboards and displays at bus shelters, stations, airports and malls.

Available in 15 oz. and 19 oz.

Scrimless Backlit:

Perfect for close view application as its high weave density makes the fabric’s weave pattern almost invisible. It can be used in indoor light boxes with high definition images.

Available in 15 oz.