When it comes to substrates for indoor application, Silver Sign’s versatility and quality is unmatchable.

The applications covered under Neo Vinyl are:

  • Promotional Substrate:
  • One Way Vision
  • Window Film
  • Floor Lamination


A ground breaking way to make your walls and surfaces communicate and connect with your customers, Neo Vinyl Promotional Substrate is a self-adhesive substrate known for its application on a variety of surfaces. It offers great performance thanks to its flat property and superior printability.
Available in both gloss and matte options, this substrate has an add-on grey-back feature for higher opacity. It is ideal for short to medium term usage for both indoor and outdoor application.

Available film thickness : 100 micron and 120 micron
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The unique perforation pattern of Neo Vinyl One-Way Vision enhances light transmission whilst heightening privacy & security. Its smaller perforations along with an inner black coating creates brighter visibility of the full image from outside while allowing viewing through glass from the inside.
Ideal for glass and acrylic application for short-term usage, it does not leave any glue residue when removed.

Available film thickness : 160 micron
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Great for branding glass surfaces, Neo Vinyl Window Film can be printed or plotter cut and is available in two variants – Ultra Clear and Frosted
Being highly transparency with an anti-UV treatment, the Ultra Clear variant allows brands to create impactful window graphic on retail spaces. While, the Frosted variant is great for conference rooms.

Available film thickness : 100 micron & 120 micron
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The Neo Vinyl Floor Lamination is a highly durable, thick substrate with anti-scratch properties to withstand rough use. Its super adhesive prevents it from curling easily at the edges. And, its anti-skid property makes it safe for people to walk on.
Ideal for reproducing optical illusions and funky graphics to grab attention, it is specifically used on floors in malls and other commercial spaces.

Available film thickness : 210 micron
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